There have been some discussion on what nova-api should return after a change 
in the API itself.

So, the change that generated this discussion is an API change to 2.2 is:

- **2.2**

  Added Keypair type.

  A user can request the creation of a certain 'type' of keypair (ssh or x509).

  If no keypair type is specified, then the default 'ssh' type of keypair is

Currently, this change was done on  plugins/v3/keypairs.py, so now, the 2.2 
version will also return the keypair type on keypair-list, keypair-show, 

Microversioning was used, so this behaviour is valid only if the user requests 
the 2.2 version. Version 2.1 will not accept keypair type as argument, nor will 
return the keypair type.

Now, the main problem is contrib/keypairs.py, microversioning cannot be applied 
there. The current commit filters the keypair type, it won't be returned. But 
there have been reviews stating that returning the keypair type is a 
"back-compatible change". Before this, there was a review stating that keypair 
type should not be returned.

So, finally, my question is: how should the API change be handled in 

Best regards,

Claudiu Belu
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