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I wanted to get some feedback from the Nova folks on using Cinder's Brick library. As some of you may or may not know, Cinder has an internal module called Brick. It's used for discovering and removing volumes attached to a host. Most of the code in the Brick module in cinder originated from the Nova libvirt volume drivers that do the same thing (discover attached volumes and then later remove them). Cinder uses the brick library for copy volume to image, as well as copy image to volume operations where the Cinder node needs to attach volumes to itself to do the work. The Brick code inside of Cinder has been
used since the Havana release.

Our plans in Cinder for the Kilo release is to extract the Brick module into it's own separate library that is maintained by the Cinder team as a subproject of Cinder and released as a pypi lib. Then for the L release, refactor Nova's libvirt volume drivers to use the Brick library. This will enable us to eliminate the duplicate code between Nova's libvirt volume drivers and Cinder's internal brick module. Both projects can benefit
from a shared library.

So the question I have is, does Nova have an interest in using the code in a pypi brick library? If not, then it doesn't make any sense for the Cinder team to extract it's brick module into a shared (pypi) library.

The first release of brick will only contain the volume discovery and removal code. This is contained in the
initiator directory of cinder/brick/

You can view the current brick code in Cinder here:

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