Sorry for the late reply. Your proposal is interesting. According to
the previous discussion of works on zeromq driver, we should first
make zeromq driver completed for all the OpenStack projects and CI.
During these days, lots of patches are submitted to upstream. But some
critical ones are still in review, [1], [2]. I'm also working on
devstack support and documentation [3-5]. So, IMO we should make it
maintainable in the current release cycle. And we can try to improve
it in the next release cycle.



On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Ilya Pekelny <> wrote:
> Hi, all!
> Unexpectedly I met a pretty significant issue when I have been solving a
> small bug
> The
> problem is in several parts:
> * Topics used for several purposes: to set subscriptions and to determine a
> type of sockets.
> * Topics is a strings which are modifying inline everywhere where it is
> needed. So, the topic feature is very distributed and uncoordinated.
> My issue with the bug was: "It is impossible just hash topic somewhere and
> not to crash all the driver".  Second part of the issue is: "It is very
> painful process to trace all the topic modifications which are distributed
> though all the driver code".
> After several attempts to fix the bug "with small losses" I concluded that I
> need to create a control/entry point for topic string. Now I have a
> proposal:
> Blueprint —
> Spec —
> Patch —
> I want to discuss this feature and receive a feedbacks from a more
> experienced rpc-Jedi.
> Thanks!
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