Hello folks,

Not long ago we added necessary commands in fuel client to work with
granular deployment configuration and API.

So, you may know that configuration is stored in fuel-library, and uploaded
into database during
bootstrap of fuel master. If you want to change/add some tasks right on
master node, just add tasks.yaml
and appropriate manifests in folder for release that you are interested in.
Then apply this command:

>> fuel rel --sync-deployment-tasks --dir /etc/puppet

Also you may want to overwrite deployment tasks for any specific
release/cluster by next commands:

>> fuel rel --rel <id> --deployment-tasks --download
>> fuel rel --rel <id> --deployment-tasks --upload

>> fuel env --env <id> --deployment-tasks --download
>> fuel env --env <id> --deployment-tasks --upload

After this is done - you will be able to run customized graph of tasks:

The most basic command:

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --tasks upload_repos netconfig

Developer will need to specify nodes that should be used in deployment and
tasks ids. Order in which they are provided doesn't matter,
it will be computed from dependencies specified in database. Also very
important to understand that if task is mapped to role controller,
but node where you want to apply that task doesn't have this role - it wont
be executed.

Skipping of tasks

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --skip netconfig hiera

List of task that are provided with this parameter will be skipped during
graph traversal in nailgun.
The main question is - should we skip other task that have provided tasks
as dependencies?
In my opinion we can leave this flag as simple as it is, and use following
commands for "smarter" traversal.

Specify start and end nodes in graph:

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --end netconfig

Will deploy everything up to netconfig task, including netconfig. This is:
all tasks that we are considering as pre_deployment (keys generation, rsync
manifests, sync time, upload repos),
and such tasks as hiera setup, globals computation and maybe some other
basic preparatory tasks.

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --start netconfig

Start from netconfig, including netconfig, deploy all other tasks, tasks
that we are considering as post_deployment.
For example if one want to execute only netconfig successors:

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --start netconfig --skip netconfig

And user will be able to use start and end at the same time:

>> fuel node --node 1,2,3 --start netconfig --end upload_cirros

Nailgun will build path that includes only necessary tasks to join this two
points. However start flag is not merged yet, but i think it will be by

Also we are working on deployment graph visualization, it will be static (i
mean there is no progress tracking of any kind),
but it will help a lot to understand what is going to be executed.

Thank you for reading, i would like to hear more thoughts about this, and
answer any questions
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