I would like to ask for the following feature freeze exception in Cinder.

The patch set below is part of this blueprint:

1. https://review.openstack.org/149256 - FCP support for System z

   Title: Adjust Cinder to support FCP on System z systems

   What it does: This patch set enables FCP support when the Cinder
   services run on System z.

   Impact if we don't get this: Cinder services cannot run on Linux for
   System z. A mitigation is to run Cinder services in on x86 Linux (even
   in an OpenStack installation that includes compute nodes with KVM on
   System z).

   Why we need it: We'd like to be able to support OpenStack installations
   where Cinder services run on System z Linux, which is the case for
   example in an all-in-one topology.

   Additional notes: The code in Nova patch set
   https://review.openstack.org/149256 is consistent with this patch set,
   but a decision to include them in kilo can be made independently for
   each of the two patch sets: The Nova patch set enables FCP storage for a
   compute node with KVM on System z, while the Cinder patch set enables
   Cinder services to run on System z Linux.


Andreas Maier
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