It's that time again... on Saturday, March 21, 2015, the OpenStack
Project Infrastructure team is upgrading the operating system on
which runs, and that means a new virtual
machine instance with new IP addresses assigned by our service
provider. The new IP addresses will be as follows:

We understand that some users may be running from egress-filtered
networks with port 29418/tcp explicitly allowed to the current IP addresses, and so are providing this
information as far in advance as we can to allow them time to update
their firewalls accordingly.

Note that some users dealing with egress filtering may find it
easier to switch their local configuration to use Gerrit's REST API
via HTTPS instead, and the current release of git-review has support
for that workflow as well.

We will follow up with further details including information on the
time that Gerrit will be unavailable in subsequent announcements.
Jeremy Stanley

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