"Sullivan, Jon Paul" <jonpaul.sulli...@hp.com> writes:

>> A change may depend on more than one Gerrit change ID as well.  So it is
>> possible for a change in tempest to depend on a change in devstack and a
>> change in nova.  Simply add more "Depends-On:" lines to the footer.
> Have you considered a case where changes A and C are in nova, and
> change B is in neutron such that A depends on B depends on C?
> And does that create a similar, and uncaught, situation as per the
> Multi-way CRD, where two components will need to be updated
> simultaneously?

That depends.  From the info you provided, I see:

A(nova) -> B(neutron) -> C(nova) 

And there is no cycle, that just means that they are enqueued as C,B,A,
and the git checkouts for those tests will be:

C: nova branch tip+C
B: nova branch tip+C, neutron branch tip+B
A: nova branch tip+C+A, neutron branch tip+B

However, if A is a git parent of C, then there would be a cycle:

  A(nova) -> B(neutron) -> C(nova) -> A(nova)

So Zuul would stop processing that.


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