At the cinder mid-cycle it was decided that the best way to fix volumes stuck 
in 'attaching' or 'detaching' was NOT to fix the broken reset-state command. 
The doc string and help message for reset-state have been modified to warn the 
user that the tool only affects Cinder DB and can cause problems. But, 
ultimately, a separate command to 'force-detach' would be better. I've 
abandoned the original BP/spec for reset-state involving the driver.

I have looked at the existing function 'force-detach' in Cinder and it seems to 
work...except that Nova must be involved. Nova uses the BlockDeviceMapping 
table to keep track of attached volumes and, if Nova is not involved, a 
force-detach'ed volume will not be capable of being re-attached.
So, my plan is to submit a blueprint + spec for Novaclient to add a 
'force-detach' command. This is technically fairly simple and only involves 
stripping away the checks for proper state in Nova, and calling Cinder 
force-detach. I don't plan on asking for an exception to feature freeze, unless 
there is optimism from the community that this could possible get in for L.
The existing Cinder force-detach calls terminate_connection() and 
detach_volume().  I assume detach_volume() is covered by the "Volume Detach" 
minimum feature? I see many drivers have terminate_connection(), but not all. I 
believe this will not be a minimum feature, but others may disagree.


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