> On 10 Feb 2015, at 23:02, Andrew Woodward <xar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> previously we used squid in 3.0 and before. The main problem is that the 
> deployment would proceeded even if not all the packages where cached or even 
> available on the remote. This often lead to broken deployments that where 
> hard to debug and a waste of alot of time. This _MUST_ be resolved or we will 
> re-introduce this horrible work flow that we had placed all the packages on 
> the system for to begin with.

Anyway we need to ensure our QA is run against fresh mirror, that would prevent 
a lot of problems. We also think about how situation in the field can differ 
from our labs and QA infra - there might be differences indeed.

> I think we need to add a requirements that we need to be able to:
> a) pre-populate the cacher 
> b) we need to not start the deployment until we either have every package in 
> the chache (eiew) or at least know every package is reachable currently (or 
> allow the user to select either as a deployment criteria)

This sounds for me like creating local mirror ;) We don’t want to do this.
We are thinking about mirror verification tool, it was mentioned by eifferent 
guys already. Do you really think we should prepopulate cache? I hink first 
node deployment will fetch a lot of packages, and other nodes will be easier. 
Once we have prototype, we will see some number.

Tomasz 'Zen' Napierala
Sr. OpenStack Engineer

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