On 2/11/15, 11:10, "Okuma, Wayne" <wayne.ok...@hp.com> wrote:

>I would like to change the metadef-tags create API which was checked into
>Kilo (cycle 1).
>The python-glanceclient that would support metadef-tags has not been
>released yet and I would like to make this change before doing so.
>The details are here:
>Thanks and Regards,

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for bringing this to the Mailing List for discussion. Since this
was added in K-1, and those milestones are effectively alpha/beta releases
I don’t think anyone can have a serious expectation that a feature added
after Juno and before Kilo will be stable (and supported) until Kilo is
released. This is a clear mistake in the implementation of the spec so it
should be fixed before it is too late to fix it. It’s a backwards
incompatible change, but it’s only incompatible with an alpha version of
the code. There shouldn’t ever be a guarantee of backwards compatibility
between K-1 and K-3 (or any of the intermediate milestones). This isn’t to
say we should go around breaking features added in one of them while we
still can, just that we shouldn’t be so hesitant to fix something that was
implemented incorrectly.


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