Initiall my interest to that problem was caused by the bug [1] due to whose
once environment was deployed with failure it stays forever with that status
even if it have been deployed sucessfully later.

For now status determination happens in three stages:

- If at least one of all sessions of env, regardless of version, is in
  session taken as state of environment. Sessions prioritized by version and
  midification date.
- If there is no such sessions, but  at least one is in OPENED state -
  environment state will be PENDING.
- Otherwise environment will have READY status.

Accordingly to that - once session was deployed with failure - it stays
in that
status even if it was deployed successfully later.

In UI statuses are taken directly from API except another "calculated"
NEW. Environment matches status NEW if it has version = 0 and it has
apps with
status 'pending' [2].

After discussion inside Mirantis Murano team we came to these thoughts:
- We need to remove statuses that does not related to deployment (PENDING).
- Introduce NEVER_DEPLOYED (or NEW) status.
- Possibly we need to keep state in Environment table in DB and no
calculate it
  queriyng session every time.

PENDING status was needed to indicate that another user do something
with the
environment. But it was decided, that this information must be placed
else, to not be in coflict with deployment status. Another proposal was to
additionaly show if environment has some "dirty"/not-deployed changes in it.

First of all let's discuss quick fix of the alghorithm of Environment status
matching [3]. I propose to take status of last modified session as
status of an

At second let's discuss overall situation and more extensive changes that we
might want introduce.


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