In the most recent Defcore committee meeting we discussed the need for a 
repository to host artifacts related to the Defcore process[1]. These artifacts 
will include documentation of the Defcore process, lists of advisory and 
required capabilities for releases, and useful tools and instructions for 
configuring and testing clouds against the capability lists.

One of our goals is increased community awareness and participation around the 
process, and we feel that a Gerrit backed repository helps to achieve this goal 
by providing a well understood mechanism for community members to comment on 
policies and capabilities before they are merged. For members of the community 
who aren’t familiar with the Gerrit workflow, I would be more than happy to 
help them out with understanding the process or acting as a proxy for their 
comments and concerns.

We're proposing to host the repository at openstack/defcore, as this is work 
being done by a board-backed committee with cross cutting concerns for all 
OpenStack projects. All projects are owned by some parent organization within 
the OpenStack community. One possiblility for ownership that we considered was 
the Technical Committee, with precedent set by the ownership of the API Working 
Group repository[2]. However, we felt that there is a need to allow for 
projects that are owned by the Board, and are also proposing a new Board 
ownership group.

The core reviewers of the repository will be the Defcore Committee co-chairs, 
with additional core members added at the discretion of board members leading 
the committee.

In the coming weeks we're going to be working hard on defining new capabilities 
for the Icehouse, Juno, and future releases. We're looking forward to meeting 
with the developer and operator community to help define the new capabilities 
with an eye towards interoperability across the entire OpenStack ecosystem. The 
creation of this repository is an important step in that direction.

Chris Hoge
Interop Engineer
OpenStack Foundation

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