Adding tags on the subject line to attract the attention of the OSSG
(OpenStack Security group) which regroups people working on improving
the state of security in OpenStack in general.

Patrick Lismore wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a software developer working at HP,  I do not work with OpenStack
> @HP though, only worked with it privately.  
> I am finishing up a Masters and for my dissertation research I am
> focusing on SDN Security. 
> I wanted to align my research to current SDN uses in the industry and
> was interested in researching the security of SDN in OpenStack.
> To help focus and narrow down my research topic it would be helpful to
> hear from the developers directly working on the Neutron project where
> they see areas of improvement from a security point of view or are there
> areas that need more research that would be helpful to the project.
> As part of the dissertation code will be written, tests will be run and
> the findings published.  If the topic is aligned to industry then that
> code may be useful.
> People working close to the project will have a better view of the code
> and capabilities or lack thereof and may see an opportunity here to have
> some new functionality researched and contributed over the next 12 weeks.  
> I tired asking the question on Ask OpenStack but it got swiftly closed.  
> If anyone has any comments, thoughts or feedback you can drop me a few
> lines to <> 
> best regards
> Patrick 

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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