Put it in this way, it also makes sense. But I think I need to see it 
translated in code to figure it out properly. Anyway, this is something which 
pertains the base classes rather than the reference driver.
I think from the perspective of the reference driver we should just raise if a 
"AnyAddressRequest" is sent for a subnet where addresses are supposed to be 
autogenerated, because the ipam driver won't generate the address.

Makes sense.

Hmm. How dynamic is Python? I know in Ruby I could do something like this at 
class load time:

config.use_ipam ? DbBasePluginV2 = IpamDbBasePluginV2 : DbBasePluginV2 = 

and all the subclasses would work fine as before...

Technically yes.
>From a practical perspective however if the subclass is assuming that 
>create_port works in the "old" way, and then instead is working in the "ipam" 
>way, it might be mayhem!

Yes, certainly. But it provides a transition period for plugins to migrate to 
support the new IPAM model.
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