No, really. What's up? :) I'm off Monday so starting a 3-day weekend, but
will "see" you all next week.

__In review and merged this past week__

I'm super pleased with the way that people are responding to our
suggestions and conventions. We are averaging over 60 reviews a day, keep
up the good work. With 58 reviewers (and only 14 core) I think we're all
working really hard and I appreciate all the reviewers. Thank you for
reviews and attention to detail. I hope we can keep adding to core, perhaps
in specialty areas.

__High priority doc work__

I'd really like to see renewed effort around doc bugs. The
openstack-manuals project has way too many non-triaged bugs, likely from
DocImpact coming in at the last milestone release. I think in February we
need another bug triage day. I'll send a post with potential dates next
week, please join in as you can, especially if you had a DocImpact patch
that landed.

__Ongoing doc work__

The specialty teams are doing great at meeting regularly and reporting back
on the -docs mailing list.

We held the docs team meeting this week. Here are the minutes and logs.

__New incoming doc requests__

Last week I requested a plan for the Debian install guide to clean up the
issues that prevent a successful install. Still need to hear from someone
who wants to take that on so that the guide can continue to be published.

I'd like us to consider not publishing the Install Guides to /trunk/ from
no on. That decreases any need for troubleshooting when someone tries to
install kilo-2 (which can't be done from our install guide) and will
prevent any confusion while we work on incoming changes. I'll get a patch
out for review next week and see if that's a good direction for those
guides to give some breathing room for edits. Since you can always use
docs-drafts for ongoing edits, it seems like a good idea.

__Doc tools updates__

I just logged a bunch of wishlist bugs for the Sphinx template, tagged
'openstackdocstheme' -- feel free to pick up a few if you're hankering for
some feature additions to our up-and-coming content page refresh. See the
list here:

Be sure to spread the word about how people can get involved with the
refresh by sharing this article on Super User:

Once this patch merges ( we will
be able to test the new theme with the migrated user guide pages more

__Other doc news__

I sent the following to Steve Gordon to represent as a roadmap for docs for
the Product Working Group:
basically outlining what I'd like to see in Kilo, Liberty, and beyond. Feel
free to respond here or follow up if you have any questions.
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