All it does is create a temporary lock directory and then set an env var
to that path so external locks work properly in tests.  If you don't
have any external locks or you use
for any tests that do then you don't need the wrapper.

The easiest thing to do is probably remove it and see if anything fails.
 If everything still works then it wasn't needed.


On 02/13/2015 04:13 PM, Paul Michali wrote:
> I see that in tox.ini, several commands have lockutils-wrapper prefix on
> them in the neutron-vpnaas repo. Seems like this was added as part of
> commit 88e2d801 for Migration to oslo.concurrency.
> Is this needed on the functional, cover, and dsvm-functional targets? I
> don't see it in the neutron tox.ini, so just wondering if I should remove
> it (I had already on the cover target).
> I ask, because I'm adding a coverage target for dsvm-functional and would
> like to know if I should remove it everywhere, or add it in. I'll do the
> same in FW and LB repos too.
> If someone could elaborate on what this wrapper script does (if it is still
> needed) that would be great, so I'm not blindly applying things.
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