Hi All,

Currently we [Fuel UI team] are planning the features of *sorting and
filtering of node list *to introduce it in 6.1 release.

Now user can filter nodes just by it's name or MAC address and no sorters
are available. It's rather poor UI for managing 200+ nodes environment. So,
the current suggestion is to filter and sort nodes by the following

   1. name
   2. manufacturer
   3. IP address
   4. MAC address
   5. CPU
   6. memory
   7. disks total size (we need to think about "less than"/"more than"
   8. interfaces speed
   9. status (Ready, Pending Addition, Error, etc.)
   10. roles

It will be a form-based filter. Items [1-4] should go to a single text
input and other go to a separate controls.
And also there is an idea to translate a user filter selection to a query
and add it to a location string. Like it's done for the logs search:

Please also note, that the changes we are thinking about should not affect
backend code.

I will be very grateful if you share your ideas about this or tell some of
the cases that would be useful to you at work with real deployments.
We would like to introduce really usefull tools based on your feedback.

Best regards,

Kind Regards,
Julia Aranovich,
Software Engineer,
Mirantis, Inc
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