Decided to start a new thread due to too much technical details in old
(You can see thread *[openstack-dev] [keystone] [nova]* )

*The problem:* Trusts can not be used to retrieve a token for further work
with python-<project>client.

I made some research for trust's use cases. The main goal of trusts is
clear to me: delegation of privileges of one user to another on specific
time (or limitless). But if I get a trust and then get a token from it, it
can not be used in any python-client. The reason why it happens so - is
'authenticate' method in almost all python-clients. This method request a
keystone for authentication and get a new auth token. But in case of
trust-scoped token it can't be true - this method always return '403
Forbidden' [1]

*The question:* Is there a way to create a trust and use it for requests to
any other service? E.g., We can get a token from trust and use it (but
actually, we are not).

Or am I misunderstanding trust's purpose? How are trusts should worked?


Best Regards,
Nikolay Makhotkin
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