I've noticed a proliferation of docs jobs on projects in the gate now -

gate-trove-tox-checkniceness    SUCCESS in 2m 34s
gate-trove-tox-checksyntax      SUCCESS in 2m 51s
gate-trove-tox-checkdeletions   SUCCESS in 2m 11s
gate-trove-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild   SUCCESS in 4m 46s

in addition to the base:

gate-trove-docs SUCCESS in 2m 31s

I'm not sure I understand why these docs jobs are separate, and not all
part of gate-trove-docs.

It seems like it would be good if 'tox -e docs' was the docs test entry
point, and if a project wanted to test for these various checks in the
docs those would be changed in tox.ini for the project for that docs target.

It also means you don't have to build and maintain multiple local venvs,
and would substantially reduce test nodes used in upstream testing.


Sean Dague

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