The same issue is the for the backe end drivers. I think that they always
need to be aligned with the master branch. When we cut stable all of the
aaS and drivers also need to be cut.
This was one of the pain points that we brought up with the split and the
consensus was: we┬╣ll deal with it when we get to the bridge.

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>Hi Folks
>The split-out drivers for vpn/fw/lb as-a-service all make use of a
>generated egg of the neutron git repository as part of their unit test
>suite dependencies.
>This presents a bit of a challenge for us downstream in distributions,
>as we can't really pull in a full source egg of neutron from
>git.openstack.org; we have the code base for neutron core available
>(python-neutron), but that does not appear to be enough (see [0]).
>I would appreciate if dev's working in this area could a) review the
>bug and the problems we are seeing a b) think about how this can work
>for distributions - I'm happy to create a new 'neutron-testing' type
>package from the neutron codebase to support this stuff, but right now
>I'm a bit unclear on exactly what its needs to contain!
>[0] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1422376
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