On 2/10/2015 4:27 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Mon, Feb 09, 2015 at 05:15:26PM +0100, Andreas Maier wrote:

I would like to ask for the following feature freeze exceptions in Nova.

The patch sets below are all part of this blueprint:
and affect only the kvm/libvirt driver of Nova.

The decision for merging these patch sets by exception can be made one by
one; they are independent of each other.

1. https://review.openstack.org/149242 - FCP support

    Title: libvirt: Adjust Nova to support FCP on System z systems

    What it does: This patch set enables FCP support for KVM on System z.

    Impact if we don't get this: FCP attached storage does not work for KVM
    on System z.

    Why we need it: We really depend on this particular patch set, because
    FCP is our most important storage attachment.

    Additional notes: The code in the libvirt driver that is updated by this
    patch set is consistent with corresponding code in the Cinder driver,
    and it has seen review by the Cinder team.

2. https://review.openstack.org/150505 - Console support

    Title: libvirt: Enable serial_console feature for system z

    What it does: This patch set enables the backing support in Nova for the
    interactive console in Horizon.

    Impact if we don't get this: Console in Horizon does not work. The
    mitigation for a user would be to use the Log in Horizon (i.e. with
    serial_console disabled), or the "virsh console" command in an ssh
    session to the host Linux.

    Why we need it: We'd like to have console support. Also, because the
    Nova support for the Log in Horizon has been merged in an earlier patch
    set as part of this blueprint, this remaining patch set makes the
    console/log support consistent for KVM on System z Linux.

3. https://review.openstack.org/150497 - ISO/CDROM support

    Title: libvirt: Set SCSI as the default cdrom bus on System z

    What it does: This patch set enables that cdrom drives can be attached
    to an instance on KVM on System z. This is needed for example for
    cloud-init config files, but also for simply attaching ISO images to
    instances. The technical reason for this change is that the "IDE"
    attachment is not available on System z, and we need "SCSI" (just like
    Power Linux).

    Impact if we don't get this:
       - Cloud-init config files cannot be on a cdrom drive. A mitigation
          for a user would be to have such config files on a cloud-init
       - ISO images cannot be attached to instances. There is no mitigation.

    Why we need it: We would like to avoid having to restrict cloud-init
    configuration to just using cloud-init servers. We would like to be able
    to support ISO images.

    Additional notes: This patch is a one line change (it simply extends
    what is already done in a platform specific case for the Power platform,
    to be also used for System z).

I will happily sponsor exception on patches 2 & 3, since they are pretty
trivial & easily understood.

I will tenatively sponsor patch 1, if other reviewers feel able to do a
strong review of the SCSI stuff, since this is SCSI host setup is not
something I'm particularly familiar with.


2 of the 3 changes have been merged outside of the FFE process, the only remaining one is the FCP support:


The question is what is the impact to s390x users without this? Does this make using cinder impossible for zKVM users?



Matt Riedemann

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