The initial magnum core team was founded at a meeting where several people 
committed to being active in reviews and writing code for Magnum.  Nearly all 
of the folks that made that initial commitment have been active in IRC, on the 
mailing lists, or participating in code reviews or code development.

Out of our core team of 9 members [1], everyone has been active in some way 
except for Dmitry.  I propose removing him from the core team.  Dmitry is 
welcome to participate in the future if he chooses and be held to the same high 
standards we have held our last 4 new core members to that didn’t get an 
initial opt-in but were voted in by their peers.

Please vote (-1 remove, abstain, +1 keep in core team) - a vote of +1 from any 
core acts as a veto meaning Dmitry will remain in the core team.

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