1) Getting domain information: I haven't came across but is there any 
ceilometer API which would provide domain information along with the usage 
2) Ceilometer auth against keystone v3: As
 domain feature is provided in keystone v3 API, I am using that. Is 
there a way to configure ceilometer so that it would use keystone v3 
API? I tried doing that but it didnt work for me. Also, I came across a 
question forum 
 which says that "ceilometer can't use v3 for getting service tokens since 
middleware doesn't support it".
i've never actually tried tihs but if you are referring to ceilometer's api, it 
uses keystonemiddleware to authenticate so you'd probably need to add 
auth_version keystone_authtoken section in ceilometer.conf...

regarding ceilometer speaking to other services, the service_credentials 
options are available here: 
  are any additional options required to be passed in?

adding keystone tag incase they feel like pointing out something obvious.


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