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This is in reference to 

Originally the blueprint was for python-neutronclient only, but pluggable auth 
is a wide-reaching issue. With OSC/SDK on the horizon (however far), we should 
probably begin the discussion of how to best do this (if it hasn't been done).

A request: We have an immediate need to add pluggable auth to the 
python-neutronclient, modeled after python-novaclient's pluggable auth system, 
to maintain a consistent workflow for our users. After the discussion in the 
neutron-drivers meeting 
 it is clear that python-neutronclient will survive for Kilo +12 months, at 
least. During that timeframe we'd like to have pluggable auth supported so we 
can bridge that gap. Beyond that immediate need, we are dedicated to making 
OSC/SDK the way to go in the future, and will gladly assist in adding said 

We have a solution for our immediate solution but that may not apply to 
OSC/SDK. So my questions are:

  *   Would you benefit from pluggable auth?
  *   What are you looking for in auth?
  *   Would you benefit from the python-neutronclient getting nova's auth 

Thank you for your time!

- Justin (roaet)

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