Hi all,

I'm currently working on the virtual organisations (VO) management code and
I would like to add the functionallity that when a user creates a VO Role,
he automatically joins it.
Since VO Roles are represented as Groups, I need to create a new group and
add my user into it.

I that when I call the methods *add_user_to_group* and
*remove_user_from_group* from the identity_api, I get my token invalidated
and receive the following error message:

[Thu Feb 19 00:41:23 2015] [error] 11764 WARNING keystone.middleware.core
[-] RBAC: Invalid token
[Thu Feb 19 00:41:23 2015] [error] 11764 WARNING keystone.common.wsgi [-]
The request you have made requires authentication. (Disable debug mode to
suppress these details.)

I have also tested using
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