Just a reminder that the weekly Nova API meeting is being held tomorrow
Friday UTC 0000. 

We encourage cloud operators and those who use the REST API such as
SDK developers and others who and are interested in the future of the
API to participate.

In other timezones the meeting is at:

EST 20:00 (Thu)
Japan 09:00 (Fri)
China 08:00 (Fri)
ACDT 10:30 (Fri)

The proposed agenda and meeting details are here: 


Please feel free to add items to the agenda. 

We will also be discussing when to release v2.1 and microversions. I'm
going to propose that v2.1 becomes non experimental on Monday and
microversions is enabled with the first api change to use it on

Please yell here or at the meeting if you think thats a bad idea.
Note that the old v2 code is going to remain the default on /v2 so you
still need to "opt-in" to v2.1 and microversioned changes will only
affect you if you send the appropriate header


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