On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 12:24:14PM +0600, Renat Akhmerov wrote:
>    Guys,
>    I really appreciate the input of you all.
>    We decided that ideally we need to agree on that syntax within days, not
>    weeks or months. But anyway, since we started this discussion yesterday I
>    just want to give us extra 1-2 days to play with all these thoughts in our
>    heads.
>    Just one additional maybe a little bit crazy idea to the pile wea**ve
>    already made:
>    What if we officially allow more than one delimiter syntax? Why stick to
>    just one?

Because consistency is a good thing, it aids readability, reduces developer
confusion, encourages consistent style, etc, etc.

If you've ever worked on a perl codebase of any size, I'm sure you'll
appreciate the zen of python:

"There should be one, and preferably only one obvious way to do it"

My 0.02 :)


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