Here's the news from doc land.

Install Guides are no longer publishing to They
are published only to a release such as or Also this patch removes the Debian Install
Guide until the instructions are fixed so that users can have a working
install upon completion. [1]

API docs now officially in the attic and all links
now redirect to the API reference at

We really want to ensure that driver documents get streamlined this
release. The specification is at
Paging Arkady Kanevsky, please examine that review so we can find a path
forward to improve driver docs across multiple projects.

We've merged 89 patches in the last week across all the docs repos.

Much gratitude to the bug triaging efforts this past week, looks like at
least 50 doc bugs were triaged this week. Thank you!

With over 500 doc bugs, we are still very much behind in fixing doc bugs,
especially those that come in from DocImpact automation. If you've had a
patch land with DocImpact, please follow up on the doc bug in to at least triage it and
hopefully fix it. Find us in #openstack-doc if you can't figure out which
docs should be impacted.

We really need a way to indicate which OpenStack version introduces each of
these two things:
- Ceilometer meters: The team is doing a great job of documenting their
reference information; however, some meters aren't available until the Kilo
release. Yet we don't have a way to indicate which meters are available in
which release (like we do with say, the Configuration Reference.) Also, the
meters don't have descriptions associated with them in the code itself, so
doc updates are manual currently. Ideally we'd throw some automation at the
- API Extensions: For the Compute and Identity APIs we have always
recognized that our doc tool doesn't output any indicator of which release
the extension is available in. [2]

Any and all ideas are welcomed!


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