Morgan Fainberg <> wrote:

> The Keystone development team is planning to deprecate deployment of Keystone 
> under Eventlet during the Kilo cycle. Support for deploying under eventlet 
> will be dropped as of the “M”-release of OpenStack.
> The reasoning behind this move is multifaceted but the core of the reasons 
> are as follows:
>       • Keystone relies on apache/web-server modules to handle federated 
> identity (validation of SAML, etc) and similar SSO type authentication 
> (Kerberos).
>       • Eventlet has proven problematic when it comes to workloads within 
> Keystone, notably that a number of actions cannot yield (either due to 
> lacking in Eventlet, or that the dependent library uses C-bindings that 
> eventlet is not able to work with).
>       • Keystone has recommended (for multiple cycles) deploying Keystone 
> under apache instead of eventlet. In the gate we primarily test all new 
> development under Apache/mod_wsgi deployments. 
>       • Most deployers I’ve discussed keystone deployment with are either 
> already on httpd+mod_wsgi or looking to move that direction (for support of 
> features such as federated auth).
> The review to finalize the deprecation is: 
> (Please only provide comments on 
> deprecation, verbiage can be modified separately from the actual act of 
> deprecation).
> Please comment on the review or in reply to this Email.

+1 dropping eventlet.    

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