On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 10:16 AM, Joshua Harlow <harlo...@outlook.com>

> It'd be interesting to see what a distribution (canonical, redhat...)
> would think about this movement. I know yahoo! has been looking into it for
> similar reasons (but we are more flexibly then I think a packager such as
> canonical/redhat/debian/... would/culd be). With a move to venv's that
> seems like it would just offload the work to find the set of dependencies
> that work together (in a single-install) to packagers instead.
> Is that ok/desired at this point?
> -Josh

I share this concern, as well. I wonder if the compiled list of pinned
dependencies will be the only thing we look at upstream. Once functional on
stable branches, will we essentially forget about the non-pinned
requirements.txt that downstreams are meant to use?

One way of looking at it, though (especially wrt stable) is that the pinned
list of compiled dependencies more closely resembles how distros are
packaging this stuff.  That is, instead of providing explicit dependencies
via a pinned list, they are providing them via a frozen package archive
(ie, ubuntu 14.04) that are known to provide a working set.  It'd be up to
distros to make sure that everything is functional prior to freezing that,
and I imagine they already do that.

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