Steve, thanks for sharing this - the decomposed blueprints are going
to make getting involved easy.  Containerizing OpenStack services
looks like a great solution to the challenge of upgrades, and pace of
the work you and others on the Kolla team have kept up is impressive.
Regarding Fuel, we are not very biased when it comes to the deployment
framework, and deploying via containers is looking better all the
time.  Over the next few weeks you can expect a few of us to get
involved and start helping out.  I'm really hoping we are able to
integrate this with Fuel and get more folks involved with and using


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 1:42 AM, Steven Dake (stdake) <> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I’d like to invite the broader OpenStack community to participate in
> developing milestone #3 of Kolla – a Project to Containerize the deployment
> of OpenStack.  This is a major refactoring of Kolla to make it viable for
> use by projects such as TripleO or Fuel.
> We have an aggressive set of features the core team has identified it wants
> to develop.  Our deadline for development is March 19th.  Theoretically we
> could slip into early April, but the idea is to synchronize our schedule
> with the broader OpenStack project’s release schedule.  We have
> approximately 4-6 weeks to finish our development described out in the below
> blueprint.
> The set of features the core team has identified we want to develop is
> described in this specification:
> I have decomposed the specification in to specific work items.  Most of the
> blueprints will take between 4 and 20 hours of work individually.  If your
> keen to learn about containers or the future of deployment architectures in
> OpenStack, please come and join in our development.  We do our development
> in the #tripleo channel on IRC using the standard OpenStack review and
> development process.
> The decomposed blueprints are here:
> Come pick one out and start developing today :)
> Regards
> -steve
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