On 20/02/15 20:15, Andrew Bogott wrote:
> On 2/20/15 9:06 AM, Mike Dorman wrote:
>> I can report that we do use this option (‘global' setting.)  We have to
>> enforce name uniqueness for instances’ integration with some external
>> systems (namely AD and Spacewalk) which require unique naming.
>> However, we also do some external name validation which I think
>> effectively enforces uniqueness as well.  So if this were deprecated, I
>> don’t know if it would directly affect us for our specific situation.
>> Other operators, anyone else using
>> osapi_compute_unique_server_name_scope?
> I use it!  And, in fact, added it in the first place :(
> I have no real recall of what we concluded when originally discussing
> the associated race.  The feature is useful to me and I'd love it if it
> could be moved into the db to fix the race, but I concede that it's a
> pretty big can o' worms, so if no one else cries out in pain I can live
> with it being deprecated.

Ok, with 2 identified users I'm going to abandon my patch to deprecate
with no replacement. My current plan is to leave the race there with a
comment in the code and the config documentation. Perhaps we can fix
this properly at some point when we get the online schema changes, but
for the moment it seems like a lot of complication for a relatively
small problem.

Do you use the global or project scope, btw?

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