On 2015-02-24 11:27:05 +0000 (+0000), Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> It would be reasonable for the vulnerability team to take the decision
> that they'll support fixes for master, and any branches that the stable
> team decide to support.

Well, it's worth noting that the VMT doesn't even "support" (i.e.
issue advisories for bugs in) master branches now, the exception
being branchless projects where the bug appears in master prior to
an existing release tag.

But I think Thierry's earlier point is that as soon as you start
marking _some_ releases as special (supported by VMT, stable maint,
docs, translators...) then those become your new actual releases and
the other interim releases become your milestones, and we're back to
the current model again.
Jeremy Stanley

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