Hello all,

For creating Networks, Images, Volumes etc, the name field is marked as 
mandatory on the Horizon UI whereas, in their corresponding create 
commands on the cli it is an optional field ( which is as per the API 
reference documents)

Why is this inconsistency?

Secondly, when we create a network/Image/Volume from the cli without any 
name and view it on Horizon, it shows its auto-generated ID in the name 
column which is confusing. Can we not display another ID column and 
display the ID in that column, similar to what we do in cli 'show' 

I have already raised this bug on Horizon for network create option ( 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/1424595 ) and if this is a valid 
one will raise on the rest as well. 

Please suggest.

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