Although we are past the non-priority deadline, I have been encouraged
to request this late exception for Project Calico's spec and code adding
VIF_TYPE_TAP to Nova. (spec) (code)

Why might you consider this?

- It is a small, self-contained change, of similar (or less) scope as
  other non-priority VIF drivers that have been granted exceptions
  during the last two weeks.

- It is the basis for a useful class of future OpenStack networking
  experimentation that could be pursued without requiring any further
  Nova changes - hence I think it should reduce the future workload on
  Nova reviewers.  (This has been discussed in the openstack-dev thread
  starting at

- The spec was approved for Kilo (and is still merged AFAICS in the
  nova-specs repository), and the code was constructively and positively
  reviewed by several reviewers, if not by cores, leading in particular
  to improvements in its unit test coverage.

Please let me know what you think.  Apart from rebasing that I would
expect to be trivial, this enhancement is all good to go as soon as
anyone gives the word.


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