Hi Eugeniya,

Please have a look on the discussion under tag [log]. We’ve been discussing 
around this topic (bit wider, not limiting to API errors) quite regular since 
Paris Summit and we should have X-project specs for review quite soon after the 
Ops meetup. The workgroup meetings will start as well.

Obviously at this point the implementation is open for discussion but so far 
there has been push to implement the tracking into the project trees rather 
than consolidating it under one location.

Could you elaborate bit what you want to have in the headers and why? Our plan 
has been so far having the error code in the message payload so that it’s 
easily available for users and operators.  What this library you’re proposing 
would be actually doing?

We’re more than happy to take extra hands on this so please follow up the [log] 
discussion and feel free to contact me (IRC: jokke_) or Rockyg (in cc as well)  
around what has been done and planned in case you need more clarification.

-          Erno
From: Eugeniya Kudryashova [mailto:ekudryash...@mirantis.com]
Sent: 25 February 2015 14:33
To: openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org
Subject: [openstack-dev] [api][all] - Openstack.error common library

Hi, stackers!

As was suggested in topic [1], using an HTTP header was a good solution for 
communicating common/standardized OpenStack API error codes.

So I’d like to begin working on a common library, which will collect all 
openstack HTTP API errors, and assign them string error codes. My suggested 
name for library is openstack.error, but please feel free to propose something 

The other question is where we should allocate such project, in openstack or 
stackforge, or maybe oslo-incubator? I think such project will be too massive 
(due to dealing with lots and lots of exceptions)  to allocate it as a part of 
oslo, so I propose developing the project on Stackforge and then eventually 
have it moved into the openstack/ code namespace when the other projects begin 
using the library.

Let me know your feedback, please!

[1] - 
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