Hi, fuelers,

As you may know, we have a rich and complex network_transformations section
in astute.yaml. We use it to describe which OVS/Linux network primitives
should be created and how they should be connected together. This section
is used by "l23network" Puppet module during the deployment stage.

The problem is that from plugin developer's stand point it's hard to parse
a full transformation graph to find which interface/vlan is used for each
network (Public, Private, etc.). I see two ways to fix that.

1) Add a new structure to astute.yaml with a simple mapping of networks to
interfaces/vlans. Example: http://paste.openstack.org/show/181466/ (see
roles_meta section).
Pros: it's very easy for plugin developers.
Cons: there are two sources of truth (roles_meta and transformations). If
one plugin patch transformations but forget to patch roles_meta, another
plugin, which relies on roles_meta, fails the deployment.

2) Provide a some kind of SDK - functions/libraries for Puppet/Python/Bash,
which can be used in plugin's tasks to operate with graph of
Pros: single point of truth. One and controlled way to do things right.
Cons: a new piece of software will be issued. It must be written, tested,
documented, and incorporated into CI/CD infrastructure.

I prefer the second way. Do you?

Andrey Danin
skype: gcon.monolake
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