Hi Tim, All,

The document is in great shape! Any global policies such as those impacting 
compute and network (e.g. CPU utilization and network bandwidth utilization) 
would be handled in Congress and not delegated. It would be worthwhile to 
capture this.


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Hi all,

I made a heavy editing pass of the Delegation google doc, incorporating many of 
your comments and my latest investigations into VM-placement.  I left the old 
stuff in place at the end of the doc and put the new stuff at the top.

My goal was to propose an end-to-end workflow for a PoC that we could put 
together quickly to help us explore the delegation interface.  We should 
iterate on this design until we have something that we think is workable.   And 
by all means pipe up if you think we need a totally different starting point to 
begin the iteration.

(BTW I'm thinking of the integration with solver-scheduler as a long-term 
solution to VM-placement, once we get the delegation interface sorted out.)


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