We've finished setting up the functional testing for the stackforge EC2 API project. New test suite consists of 96 API and scenario tests covering almost (tags functionality and client tokens absent) all of the functionality initially covered by original EC2 API tests in Tempest and much more. Also this test suite is periodically run against AWS to ensure its compatibility with Amazon. Now it works as a gating for this standalone EC2 API project, however the question is:

Does it make sense and do we want to somehow employ this test suite against nova's API (without VPC-related tests, which leaves 54 tests altogether)?

Internally we did this and it seems that nova's EC2 API is sound enough (it still does what it did, say, a year ago), however it's still quite short of some features and compatibility. So our tests run against it produce the following results:

With nova-network:

With neutron:

And the review which we used to run the tests:

So if we do want to somehow set this up against nova's EC2 API, I'm not sure how to most effectively do this. Non-voting job in Nova fetching tests from stackforge/ec2-api and running them as we did in the review above?

Best regards,
  Alex Levine

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