Hi folks!

According to the refactoring plan [1] we are going to release the 6.1 version 
of python-fuelclient which is going to contain recent changes but will keep 
backwards compatibility with what was before. However, the next major release 
will bring users the fresh CLI that won’t be compatible with the old one and 
the new, actually usable IRL API library that also will be different.

The issue this message is about is the fact that there is a strong need to let 
both CLI and API users about those changes. At the moment I can see 3 ways of 
resolving it:

1. Show deprecation warning for commands and parameters which are going to be 
different. Log deprecation warnings for deprecated library methods.
The problem with this approach is that the structure of both CLI and the 
library will be changed, so deprecation warning will be raised for mostly every 
command for the whole release cycle. That does not look very user friendly, 
because users will have to run all commands with --quiet for the whole release 
cycle to mute deprecation warnings.

2. Show the list o the deprecated stuff and planned changes on the first run. 
Then mute it.
The disadvantage of this approach if that there is a need of storing the info 
about the first run to a file. However, it may be cleaned after the upgrade.

3. The same as #2 but publish the warning online.

I personally prefer #2, but I’d like to get more opinions on this topic.


1. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/re-thinking-fuel-client

- romcheg

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