Hello everyone,

I'd like to highlight an issue with:

According to my understanding, most deployments upgrade the controllers first
and compute/network nodes later. During that time period, all agents will
fail to report state as they're sending the report_state message outside
of any namespace while the server is expecting that message in a namespace.
This is a show stopper as the Neutron server will think all of its agents are 

I think the obvious solution is to modify the Neutron server code so that
it accepts the report_state method both in and outside of the report_state
RPC namespace and chuck that code away in L (Assuming we support rolling 
only from version N to N+1, which while is unfortunate, is the behavior I've
seen in multiple places in the code).

Finally, are there additional similar issues for other RPC methods placed in a 
this cycle?

Assaf Muller, Cloud Networking Engineer
Red Hat

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