Sorry guys, for writing it this way, but really... I'm sick and tired of
the absence of relevant short and long description on almost every
component we produce. Look at this one:

Is it so hard to produce 3 lines of long description? Can't we have a
rule which enforces no library can graduate with such a poor description?

No, that's not *only* about me having to write a correct package
description, otherwise risking to be pointed out as careless by other
Debian developers. It's also about new comers to OpenStack. Let's
imagine an OpenStack newbie. Do you think it's normal that he needs to
search for hours in the docs, and sometimes even in the code, just to
figure out what the hell a given Oslo lib does?

Do you think it makes anyone willing to use a lib, when one has to
search for the definition of RBAC? (hint: it's looking like this means
Role Based Access Control, but I didn't find out yet what's the
difference between RBAC and an ACL...)

Really, I don't wish to appear as a moron, but I've been crying about
this for at least 2 or 3 years, and I see no progress. I think it's more
than time to enforce a rule using a gate test or something to prevent
this to happen again.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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