I have been thinking for some time that each step controller should be able to 
define the data it needs as well as manipulating it.  Perhaps in the morning 
before you get up in Australia I could take a pass at converting that for 
access & security.  I’ll talk it over with Sean, since there are some cross 
step dependencies it may complicate things a little and better understand his 
initialization states.


From: Richard Jones <<>>
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Date: Monday, March 9, 2015 at 10:59 PM
To: OpenStack List 
Subject: [openstack-dev] [Horizon] Rethinking the launch-instance wizard model

Hi folks,

Currently the launch instance model file does all the fetching of various bits 
of data. Combined with all of the controllers also being loaded at wizard 
startup, this results in some very difficult synchronisation issues*.

An issue I've run into is the initialisation of the controller based on model 
data. Specifically, loading the "allocated" and "available" lists into the 
security groups transfer table. I can load a reference to the model 
securityGroups array as the "available" set, but since that data is generally 
not loaded (by some other code) when the controller is setting up, I can't also 
select the first group in the array as the default group in "allocated".

So, I propose that the model data for a particular pane be loaded *by that 
pane*, so that pane can then attach a callback to run once the data is loaded, 
to handle situations like this (which will be common, IIUC). Or the model needs 
to provide promises for the pane controllers to attach callbacks to.


* one issue is the problem of the controllers running for the life of the 
wizard and not knowing when they're active (having them only be temporarily 
active would solve the issue of having to watch the transfer tables for changes 
of data - we could just read the allocated lists when the controller "exits").

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