On 03/10/2015 10:23 AM, Mike Bayer wrote:
if*that’s*  what you mean, that’s known as a “polymorphic foreign key”, and
it is not actually a foreign key at all, it is a terrible antipattern started by
the PHP/Rails community and carried forth by projects like Django.
A) Heh. it is much, much older than that. SQL Database have been around for long enough for these antipatterns to be discovered and rediscovered by multiple generations. I'm aware of the mean by which we cn mitigate them.

But that is not what we are doing here. These are no "parity" issues even. It is distributed data.

User sand Groups are in, not just one LDAP server, but many. With Federation, the users will not even be in a system we can enumerate. Which is good, we should never have been allowing "list users" in the first place.

What the Assignments table is doing is pulling together the User and groups from remote systems together with role defintions and project definitions in the local database. The data is not in one database. It is in Many.
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