I think part of the problem is that we’re still relying on distribution
packaged dependencies. If you look earlier in the logs for:
s/grenade.sh.txt.gz#_2015-03-11_00_58_45_129 you’ll see that
“python-unittest2” is being installed and that it is installed in
dist-packages instead of site-packages. Haven’t there been multiple
problems with distribution based packages in the past? It would seem wiser
to stop relying on the system packages for installation if at all possible.

On 3/11/15, 09:43, "Chris Dent" <chd...@redhat.com> wrote:

>On Wed, 11 Mar 2015, Alan Pevec wrote:
>>> So, we can work around this in devstack, but it seems like there is a
>>> more fundamental bug here that setup project isn't following
>> Dep chain was: testtools (from
>> zake>=0.1->tooz<=0.12,>=0.3->ceilometer==2014.2.3.dev2)
>> Unneeded _runtime_ dependency on testtools was removed in
>>> Is this just another 'pip is drunk' issue in it not actually satisfying
>>> requirements?
>> Seems that pip is drunk by design, clarkb explained that pip only
>> updates deps if you pass the --upgrade flag.
>That's why I did this for devstack:
>Presumably it might be useful other places?
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