>> * Should projects relying on WSME start thinking about migrating their APIs
>> to another technology?
> Maybe not migrating, but at least not starting something new with it.

Oh no, FWIW I don't even consider starting something new as a valid option here.

> Err, yeah, right. There are 4 people in wsme-core: Christophe (the
> original author) doesn't use WSME since at least 2 years, I'm pretty
> sure Doug & Ryan have other things to care about, and I don't use WSME
> anymore neither,

Right, so at present it is abandoned.

> So if anyone has a project that rely on WSME and wants to take care, no
> problem.

That's good to know. While I'm not super familiar with the WSME code
base I'm glad to help to
maintain it until we come to a final decision. Fixing some of the
current bugs and helping with

/me also deliberately volunteers cdent to wsme core :-)

>> * Forking the project an option?
> No need to do that, I'm OK to add any competent people to wsme-core. :)



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