I'd like to announce my candidacy to continue serving on the Technical 

OpenStack is a growing community comprised of many parts and we we must view 
ourselves as one unit. As a TC member, I will continue to place the interests 
of the larger community over those of those of individual projects.

There are several key areas I'd like to see the TC focus:

  The Technical Committee should serve as a high level forum to facilitate 
defining cross project technical and procedural requirements. While many of our 
programs share commonalities, there are still too many differences in policies 
and technical decisions. The addition of cross project specifications is a step 
towards unifying the development process and design standards within our 
community.  As we accept more projects under the new governance model, the TC 
should work to facilitate developer mobility across projects by promoting best 
practices.  Increased mobility will strengthen our community as it helps to 
prevent silos. Reviews are an another area the TC should focus on during the 
upcoming cycle. The TC should review and work with projects to improve the 
contributor and reviewer experience when contributing to projects both big and 

Cross Project Communication
  Our codebase has grown significantly over the years and a contributor must 
invest significant time to understand and follow every project; however many 
contributors have limited time must choose a subset of projects to direct their 
focus.  As a result, it becomes important to employ cross project communication 
to explain major technical decisions, share solutions to project challenges 
that might be widely applicable, and leverage our collective experience.  The 
TC should seek new ways to facilitate cross project communication that will 
enable the community to craft improvements to the interfaces between projects 
as there will be greater familiarity between across the boundary.

Unified Experience
  For OpenStack to be successful we must strive to provide a unified experience 
for both users and deployers. During the previous cycles we have made progress 
in this area, but there is still work to be completed. When visiting user 
groups, a common thread during discussion is the installation experience. The 
TC should identify common installation configurations and work with projects to 
optimize installation and upgrades.  Equally important is the users. The TC 
should work to promote and support projects such the OpenStack client and SDK 
which aim to provide users with tools that are well maintained, documented and 
easy to use. Our community has invested significant effort to improve this 
experience and this should remain a focus going forward.

About Me
I have served on the Technical Committee for last two years and I am a former 
PTL. Believing that OpenStack is a unified community, I have contributed code 
and reviews to many of our projects since Sent from my iPad

We have built a very special open community through the contributions of many.  
These contributions have powered our phenomenal growth and I'm excited about 
our future!


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