If I got you right the plan is to have Murano application execute Mistral
workflow that SSH to VM and executes particular command? And alternative is
Murano->Mistral->Zaquar->Zaquar agent?
Why can't you just send this command directly from Murano (to Murano agent
on VM)? This is the most common use case that is found in nearly all Murano
applications and it is battle-proven. If you need SSH you can contribute
SSH plugin to Murano (Mistral will require similar plugin anyway). The more
moving parts you involve the more chances you have for everything to fail

Sincerely yours,
Stan Lagun
Principal Software Engineer @ Mirantis


On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 11:22 AM, Renat Akhmerov <>

> Generally yes, std.ssh action works as long as network infrastructure
> allows access to a host using specified IP, it doesn’t provide anything on
> top of that.
> > On 06 May 2015, at 22:26, Fox, Kevin M <> wrote:
> >
> > This would also probably be a good use case for Zaqar I think. Have a
> generic "run shell commands from Zaqar queue" agent, that pulls commands
> from a Zaqar queue, and executes it.
> > The vm's don't have to be directly reachable from the network then. You
> just have to push messages into Zaqar.
> Yes, in Mistral it would be another action that puts a command into Zaqar
> queue. This type of action doesn’t exist yet but it can be plugged in
> easily.
> > Should Mistral abstract away how to execute the action, leaving it up to
> Mistral how to get the action to the vm?
> Like I mentioned previously it should be just a different type of action:
> “zaqar.something” instead of “std.ssh”. Mistral engine itself works with
> all actions equally, they are just basically functions that we can plug in
> and use in Mistral workflow language. From this standpoint Mistral is
> already abstract enough.
> > If that's the case, then ssh vs queue/agent is just a Mistral
> implementation detail?
> More precisely: implementation detail of Mistral action which may not be
> even hardcoded part of Mistral, we can rather plug them in (using stevedore
> underneath).
> Renat Akhmerov
> @ Mirantis Inc.
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