> Note, that will need some scheduling anyway, so that we can slow down a week
> before. So probably still some milestone process required, wdyt?

We can cut a release and establish it one or two weeks before the
official OpenStack release. But prior to that we can just cut a
release whenever we think it's good without following any time

>> - OpenStack coordinated releases are taken from latest independent release
>> - that release will then get backports & stable maintenance, other
>> independent releases don't
> So no stable branch for other independent releases? What if serious security
> issue is found in one of these? Will we advice users to downgrade to the
> latest coordinated release?

Good point, but I think that would extremely hard and costly to
maintain a bunch of stable branches at once. So having a stable branch
every 6 months to follow the OpenStack model seems enough. If we find
a serious security issue, we could advice the user to downgrade to the
last coordinate release which the fix was backported or if the user is
following the feature based release of Ironic we can fix the problem
and cut a new release and advice the user to use that instead.

>> Input appreciated.

I think it's a good plan and we have to keep in mind that maybe it
doesn't work but I think we should definitely try it out and see how
it goes. That said, I'm also confused about the versioning (with
launchpad and pbr) but Swift already does something similar right? We
should take a look at how they do it.


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