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Subject: [openstack-dev] [magnum] Proposing Kai Qiang Wu (Kennan) for Core for 

Hi core team,

Kennan (Kai Qiang Wu's nickname) has really done a nice job in Magnum 
contributions.  I would like to propose Kennan for the core reviewer team.  I 
don't think we necessarily need more core reviewers on Magnum, but Kennan has 
demonstrated a big commitment to Magnum and is a welcome addition in my opinion.

For the lifetime of the project, Kennan has contributed 8% of the reviews, and 
8% of the commits.  Kennan is also active in IRC.  He meets my definition of 
what a core developer for Magnum should be.

Consider my proposal to be a +1 vote.

Please vote +1 to approve or vote -1 to veto.  A single -1 vote acts as a veto, 
meaning Kennan would not be approved for the core team.  I believe we require 3 
+1 core votes presently, but since our core team is larger now then when we 
started, I'd like to propose at our next team meeting we formally define the 
process by which we accept new cores post this proposal for Magnum into the 
magnum-core group and document it in our wiki.

I'll leave voting open for 1 week until June 6th to permit appropriate time for 
the core team to vote.  If there is a unanimous decision or veto prior to that 
date, I'll close voting and make the appropriate changes in gerrit as 


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